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Why waste time redrafting in-house?
You don't need to waste any more of your organisation's time redrafting hardcopies into CAD files. Get the edge over your competitors; spend your valuable time on core work and leave the conversion of hardcopies to CAD files to us.

Too expensive to outsource?
Not anymore. Now you can afford to get your hardcopies converted to CAD files. We are a specialised service provider geared to high volume turnover. Our team of dedicated fully trained personnel ensure that we do the job better and faster than most in-house operations and general drafting operations. So We Can Pass On The Savings To You.

Looking for high quality drafting?
Our expert staff convert your Drawings into AutoCAD format. Drawings are not simply electronically scanned but accurately re-drawn. The CAD files you receive are dimensionally correct and fully useable for future modifications and design. We also augment existing CAD files.

Digital storage saves you space and money
CAD files free up space and reduce the number of bulky filing cabinets you need. Your business can also increase productivity by having drawings in computer files in CAD format ready to reuse for future projects.

CAD Drawings for every business
Master Drafting Services can prepare drawings for all Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Construction Drawings includes; Wiring, Lighting, Plumbing, Medical, Air-conditioning, Telecomm, LAN, Data and Security Cabling, Renovations, 3-D and 2-D Product Design.